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AllRegs Market Clarity

A business intelligence tool that will change the way you do business.

An invaluable tool for upstream investors and correspondent lenders, AllRegs Market Clarity® helps you manage risk and identify market opportunity while giving you the tools to establish and maintain a competitive edge. 

Take a look below: 

With enhanced navigation and improved visibility, Market Clarity is a powerful tool for lenders to manage investor information and gain insight with the access to granular product details. Search and compare products across 44 points of data for over 3,000 products for 95 different investors from GSEs, your licensed investors, and masked investors from within the AllRegs library. The Solution

Three Ways to Search

1. Product Comparison. Compare products and magnify into the most granular level of details. 

2. Product Eligibility. Enter borrower criteria, such as LTV, FICO, and Loan Amount to identify available or competitive products. 

3. Product Overlays. Select a baseline product, then compare it to other products, side by side, with overlays highlighted in red. 

Powerful Reporting

The data you need is available through seven standard reports including a user-defined option that allows you to compare only the information that matters most to you. 

  • User-defined report
  • Full product details
  • Purchase LTV and FICO
  • Rate and term refinance LTV and FICO
  • Cash-out refinance LTV and FICO
  • LTV detail
  • Product changes based on time period

Administrative Options

You're in control of what your teams can see with the ability to hide, mask, or alias specific products or entire investors. User groups allow for different groups to have different access. 

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Available Products Key Values Frequently Asked Questions Target Audience Details and Pricing Downloads and Resources
  1. All key reports are unique based on your company’s specific individual investor profile. Within Market Clarity®, you’ll be able to access the following tools and resources:

    • Dashboards that “slice and dice” product data into similar categories based on their characteristics
      • Organized by critical business elements
      • Multiple graphical visualizers included in each dashboard
    • Product searches using fields such as:
      • Investor
      • Loan type
      • Product category
      • Lien type
      • ARM initial period
      • Loan size type
      • Underwriting type
      • Interest only, and more
    • Product comparisons represent investor products side-by-side in saved comparison grids in pre-defined layouts; other features include:
      • FICO® comparisons between products
      • Loan-to-value (LTV) comparisons between products
      • Agency standard comparison
      • Fixed-rate products
      • Investor comparisons (masked for those investors you do not do business with)
      • Your key products, side by side
      • Comparisons include key product parameters
    • Reports are easily printed or exported
    • Investor change data (all investor product changes are tracked and notated)
    • Full integration with AllRegs LoanLibrary, including access to matrices
    • Data analyzes more than 95 investors with thousands of products
  2. Benefits for Upstream Investors:

    • Risk Mitigation – Quickly determine if your guidelines are the most lenient on the street – avoid being adversely selected due to changing market conditions.
    • Identify Market Opportunity – Find out what areas of the lending spectrum are underserved, or, where a slight guideline change can result in increased volume.
    • A Sales Tool – Your Account Executives can easily differentiate your program parameters from your competitors.
    • A Quality Assurance Resource – Compare your underwriting guidelines to that of your peers in conjunction with servicing portfolio performance.
    • Increase Efficiencies – Competitive market analysis that you perform today takes tedious research and significant man-hours. With Market Clarity, the research and compilation is done for you, you simply pick the product.

    Benefits for Correspondent Lenders and Brokers:

    • Obtain, Analyze and Compare Business Intelligence.
      • Quickly determine what Investor has the guidelines most suitable to your needs – and whether or not you are currently doing business with them.
      • Need to find a buyer for an underwriting mistake? Looking for a niche product? Using Market Clarity you can search loan parameters of over 3,000 products from 95 investors.
    • Compare Mortgage Insurance Company overlays to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or your other Investors.
    • Manage Investor relationships More Effectively– negotiate unique terms of business by being armed with competitive information.
    • Create Proprietary Products – Looking to deliver in bulk and want to increase your delivery options? With Market Clarity you can quickly compare your Investor’s guidelines across one specific product or loan type and create a set of guidelines suitable to multiple investors.
    • Increase Efficiencies – Competitive market analysis that you perform today takes tedious research and significant man hours. With Market Clarity, the research and compilation is done for you, you simply pick the product.

    Click here for full list of FAQs »

  3. Target Audience

    There are two distinct types of Market Clarity users (you may actually have business needs of both users):

    • User 1: If you are a correspondent or broker and “sell” loans, this is an ideal product for you to identify what is available in the marketplace.
    • User 2: If you are an upstream investor and “buy” loans, this is a valuable risk mitigation and market opportunity tool.

    AllRegs Market Clarity is designed for mortgage professionals focused on:

    • Credit policy
    • Product development & offerings
    • Secondary marketing
    • Compliance and legal
    • Underwriting management
    • Sales management
    • Marketing management
  4. Subscription Details and Pricing

    • Annual subscription for up to 50 users per license.
    • Contact your Regional Account Executive at (800) 848-4904, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT, to set up your demonstration and get a quote
    • Or click here to request a demonstration!
  5. Additional Resources

    Market Clarity News:

    • Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI)
      The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has partnered with AllRegs® to produce monthly Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI). MCAI feeds current mortgage underwriting parameters into a single index number to capture whether overall mortgage credit is more or less available from month to month.

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